Max Gersh

Kirkwood City Hall Shooting

What do you do when national news breaks in your back yard? You cover it. That seems like a simple decision for most photojournalists. But when you are working at a student newspaper that requires a connection, it takes a little more thought. Last night as I walked into our newsroom I got a text message about two police officers being shot in Kirkwood. I turned on the news and realized that this was a big deal. Early reports were […]

GPP Updates

While Gersh Photo Post is not in its final form, I have taken down the under construction sign. After learning a bit more about Adobe Illustrator I decided to make a graphic for my home page. I have also added a PDF of a photo essay I did last year on the St. Louis Soulard Mardi Gras parade. Go visit https://www.gershphoto.com and check out the updates. I would love to here feedback on the new look.  -Max Gersh- 

My Illinois Internship

I just started my internship at the Alton Telegraph in Alton Ill. It is just outside of northern Saint Louis. For my first internship with a publication it is nice because I am getting daily experience that I haven’t had. So far I have shot a few basketball games. I have shot in dark gyms before but I am always shocked at how dark high school gyms are. I am a fan of shooting from the floor and getting close […]

First images of the season

Here are the first basketball shots from the season. These were all shot on November 16 during the first day of the Sodexho Classic tournament. Canon EOS 1D Mark II 70mm ISO 1600 1/200 sec @ f/2.8 Canon EOS 1D Mark II ISO 1600 1/200 sec @ f/3.2 Canon EOS 1D Mark II ISO 1600 1/200 sec @ f/3.2

Basketball gets a jump start

Webster U. started in on its basketball season this weekend by opening up with the Sodexho Classic tournament between Dennison, Transylvania, Hanover and Webster. The tournament started on Friday night and ended Saturday afternoon. This was my first chance to shoot basketball since last season. I ended last year by putting up my first backboard remote. I learned a lot during that experience. I learned that I should have given myself a little longer than 1.5 hrs to set up […]