Max Gersh Portrait

Photographer. Leader. Innovator. Thinker.

I’m Max Gersh.

On the hunt for strong narrative, I put my expertise in visual communication to the test. Using both print and digital strategies, I engage analytical planning and proven approaches to reach and connect with my target audiences. 

Success is measured by the success of my team. I am always learning and growing as an individual so I can push my teammates to new heights. Equally, I want to be challenged. No goal is too big or small. Complacency is not in my dictionary. 

Community is everything. Whether in the workplace or out in the world, I make a point to build relationships that nurture trust, respect and access. 

While I always aim for success, I’m okay with failure as long as I fail forward, growing from every mistake. It takes courage to color outside of the lines and challenge the status quo. It takes courage to create solutions. I have that courage.

When not working, you can usually find me on two wheels, exploring the woods on my mountain bike.

Currently, I lead the visuals team at the Indianapolis Star.

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