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Updates on the way!!

I wanted to wait till launch day but I decided to spoil the surprise. My website will be gaining a few new photo galleries in the near future. I will make an announcement when it launches but you can look forward to a dedicated sports, news and feature gallery!

The Alton Telegraph – An educational experience

My internship at The Alton Telegraph (January-May 2008) was a different experience for me. It was a great learning experience. Working in small towns like Grafton, Ill., I really had to rethink the way I photographed and approached people. This internship also gave me unbelievable opportunities to hunt for stand-alone art for the paper. In fact, I think the only downside to the internship was that I had to drive nearly one hour from my home in St. Louis to […]

And yet another crest

The Mississippi River was said to crest again today. We walked down to the Arch grounds during lunch. The stairs allow us to gauge how much the water has really risen. While it still has a decent way to go, it is gaining on the plaque that marks the water height from the flood of 1993. It was hard to tell if more tourists were photographing the Arch or the flooded Mississippi. A fence that was there in a photo […]

Water can climb.

Who would have thought that it would be levees breaking that would save St. Louis from the devastating flooding that is happening elsewhere? I ate lunch on the steps of the Arch today. The water is creeping up further. The city has put a fence up blocking people from going too close to the water. It is amazing to see how high the water can get. There is a road under the river.

In deep water

I have had the fortune and misfortune of covering two floods separated by only a few months. I was out in Foley, Annada and Winfield, MO this past weekend covering the flood. These towns are all on hwy 79 which winds north along the Mississippi. I was fortunate enough to get out to the levee where prisoners were helping the national guard sandbag. I heard on national news this morningĀ  that water broke through the levee yesterday. While I was […]