Max Gersh

A walk down memory lane – Throwback Series pt. 1

In the last few weeks, I have once again discovered that I have a massive archive of negatives. Since I had some time on my hands, I decided to start scanning some film. This is a unique opportunity for me. I am able to show everyone never before seen images that I shot all around the world. I don’t even remember seeing some of these images! It is very cool. Since it is my birthday today, I decided to start […]

Congrats Lauren and Jonathan!

My friends Lauren Kirkwood and Jonathan Fournier decided they wanted to grow up and get married. For some odd reason, they asked me to photograph their wedding. I told them, “You know I don’t like shooting weddings, right?” They acknowledged and still didn’t care. They wanted me to shoot it. How could I say no? A few weeks before the wedding, I went over to the Kirkwood/Fournier household to get a feel for the event. They were telling me how […]

World Naked Bike Ride

No. Don’t worry. I didn’t ride naked. I just made my first multimedia piece. My friend, Stew Smith and I collaborated on a photo/video/audio project. It was a first for both of us. We decided last minute to cover this bike ride. It proved to be a challenge because the light fell quickly. We worked with three video cameras: 1 HD camera; 1 standard Mini-DV camera; 1 night shot Mini-DV camera. The two Mini-DV cameras were attached to my bike. […]

Photographing tragedy

No one finds it easy to deal with a tragedy. Not even a journalist. A recent comment on the Kirkwood shooting photos asked “Had you covered other vigils or memorial services before? Do you ever encounter problems with people not wanting you to be there, since it can be such a personal and emotional experience?” I haveĀ  photographed two vigils now. The first being one in the wake of the Virginia Tech shootings. My university held a small memorial service […]

Gersh Photo Post Updates

I promised updates. Here they are! I have added new photo galleries. There is a Feature, News and Sports gallery. There is a new and improved photo menu interface. I also added captions to the photos to give them context for all viewers. Take a look at the new photos. Enjoy! More updates to come in the near future. https://www.gershphoto.com