And yet another crest

The Mississippi River was said to crest again today. We walked down to the Arch grounds during lunch. The stairs allow us to gauge how much the water has really risen. While it still has a decent way to go, it is gaining on the plaque that marks the water height from the flood of 1993.

https://www.gershphoto.com    (c) Maxwell S. Gersh
It was hard to tell if more tourists were photographing the Arch or the flooded Mississippi. A fence that was there in a photo from a previous posting was either pushed over or the water took it under. There were at least three park rangers down at the police line to keep spectators from getting too close.

I did notice a funny thing. The tourists that were trying to take a photo of their friends and family and the Arch in the same frame couldn’t get low enough. Perhaps if they could have gone down to the base of the steps, they would have been able to frame their ideal shot.

https://www.gershphoto.com    (c) Maxwell S. Gersh
This shot is looking down where the river road is. I don’t think any people will be crossing there for a while.

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  1. This flooding is particularly relevant to me and my family. I have chosen to borrow the photos and have given you the photo credits, as well as supplying people with a couple of links, so that they can find your blog and appreciate your work.

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