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Headshots in Tower Grove Park

Last month I had the opportunity to do some headshot work for Talent Plus, St. Louis’ leading talent agency. I worked with an actress named Sarah Price. Even though I was running a fever of almost 104, she made the shoot easy. Thank you Sarah for being a great subject.

30 Second Portraits – St. Louis Pride Fest 2009

I went to the St. Louis Pride Fest in Tower Grove Park earlier today with the express purpose of taking quick portraits of attendees. From the moment that I started photographing each subject, I tried to spend no more than 30 seconds taking pictures of them. This was partially as a courtesy to them but more as a drill for myself. I wanted to see if I could light quickly with my beauty dish to an acceptable level. If you […]

Sorry for the pause

Hey all. I’m sorry I haven’t posted here for a while. For those of you that don’t know, I have been interning at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch since the end of October. That has kept me pretty busy. The internship has also required me to blog the St. Louis Post-Dispatch PICTURES blog. All staff photographers also have to Twitter and all of our tweets are aggregated onto the photo page on our site. If you Twitter, you can follow me […]

Seeing red

When did they all come down? The leaves that is. It seems like it was just yesterday when the grass was green. That is probably because many of the leaves started falling yesterday (or at least not too long ago). When I woke up this morning and stepped outside, I noticed that this car got bombarded with leaves overnight. Ok. So it wasn’t completely “bombarded” but it did stand out more than any other car on the block. Red leaves […]

Bike Patrol

Katie had a portrait assignment for her color photography class. Of course you immediately try to think of interesting people. Maybe they have deep wrinkles. Possibly someone that wears extravagant clothing. Instead, Katie found a biker. Her model rides a Harley. It was only fitting to shoot it outside a local Harley dealership against their colored fence. With her trusty AE-1 and a few rolls of Kodak UltraColor, she got to work. You know me though. I had to shoot […]