Seeing red

When did they all come down? The leaves that is.

It seems like it was just yesterday when the grass was green. That is probably because many of the leaves started falling yesterday (or at least not too long ago). When I woke up this morning and stepped outside, I noticed that this car got bombarded with leaves overnight.

car with red leaves © Maxwell S. Gersh

Ok. So it wasn’t completely “bombarded” but it did stand out more than any other car on the block. Red leaves on a black car. It made the mistake of parking under the tree in my front yard.

red leaf tree ©Maxwell S. Gersh

The crazy weather is confusing the plants. First we had temperatures below freezing that triggered the leaves to fall. Then it warms back up and the green fights back. I think the leaves are blocking the sunlight and killing the grass.

leaves on ground ©Maxwell S. Gersh

Oh well. I love all the color. It is a photographers dream!I can’t really complain about the 60 degree weather.

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