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A week of guns

My week started off innocent enough. It was the first day that it really felt like Spring outside. I went to Baker Park to make a warm weather feature. I hadn’t been there for 20 minutes when some kids showed with toy guns – or so I thought. No. They weren’t real guns. But they were airsoft guns and probably didn’t belong on a playground. Some parents called 911 and reported these kids. While the kids weren’t shooting at anyone, […]

My pictures travel around the web

Every now and then, I like to Google search my name. I used to just look for rank placement of my website. I am proud to say that if you Google search “Max Gersh,” my website is the first to appear. Recently, I have followed the pages a bit deeper to see where my name and pictures are showing up. I have found my pictures being displayed on sites all over the web. I first noticed this after I took […]

Inauguration previsualization

I just posted a blog to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch PICTURES blog about a unique photo from the inauguration today. Inauguration previsualization

Sorry for the pause

Hey all. I’m sorry I haven’t posted here for a while. For those of you that don’t know, I have been interning at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch since the end of October. That has kept me pretty busy. The internship has also required me to blog the St. Louis Post-Dispatch PICTURES blog. All staff photographers also have to Twitter and all of our tweets are aggregated onto the photo page on our site. If you Twitter, you can follow me […]