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Tennessee road trip

It has been many years since I’ve been able to take a real vacation. So after years of just talking about a road trip, a few of my good friends (Gavin Culbertson and Yuefeng Deng) and I decided to take off and head south. I left Rockford and picked them up in St. Louis. From there, we made the first leg of the trip to Louisville, KY where we were able to mooch a free nights sleep and plenty of […]

Portraits with the Pentax

I’ve always been a supporter of the idea that it is the photographer that makes the image and not the camera that he/she uses. While my close friends constantly hear me praise Canon and bash Nikon (jokingly, of course), a good photographer can make a dynamite image with a disposable film camera. That being said, I had an opportunity to shoot with a fantastic camera – the Pentax K-7. This is Pentax’s ultra-rugged flagship camera. Considering that I learned photography […]

My DIY beauty dish works like a charm

I got the chance to test my DIY beauty dish this morning. It worked like a charm! I once again had my friend Gavin Culbertson stand in for a few quick portraits. He was standing in the shadow with a sun-lit wall behind him. This picture could be improved with a back light but I only have one Speedlight, a Canon 550EX. I love the circular highlight that shows up in the eyes of the subject. I will need to […]

Portraits of Gavin Culbertson

Over the last week or so, I have found myself working closely with my good friend Gavin Culbertson. It started when I told him how much better I could make his Web site. You see, Gavin is a cinematographer. When you work in a visual field, the presentation of your portfolio is just as important as its contents. He had a really poorly designed i-Web Web site with great content. After working for a few hours over the course of […]