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St. Louis Arch as a panoramic planet

Have you ever wondered what the St. Louis Gateway Arch and its surroundings would look like if it were its own planet? Probably not…But I did. Today, I went down to the Arch grounds with the express purpose of making a 360 degree panorama and warping it into a two-dimensional globe. I only had a vague idea of what I was doing. Just like any panorama, it is best to set your camera on a tripod to get equal and […]

Fresh October air

I think Gavin and I picked the best day to go camping in October. If we went any earlier, the trees wouldn’t have been as colorful. If we went any later, it would have been a little chilly.We had perfect weather, beautiful scenery and water that wasn’t too cold. It’s always nice getting in touch with nature. This year, our adventure started somewhere near Eminence, MO. Once we found the drop off point, we quickly got on the river. Shortly […]