Fresh October air

I think Gavin and I picked the best day to go camping in October. If we went any earlier, the trees wouldn’t have been as colorful. If we went any later, it would have been a little chilly.We had perfect weather, beautiful scenery and water that wasn’t too cold.

Maxwell S. Gersh camping

It’s always nice getting in touch with nature.

This year, our adventure started somewhere near Eminence, MO. Once we found the drop off point, we quickly got on the river. Shortly after, we tied off to a tree to go explore a cave.

Gavin in cave Maxwell S. Gersh

We broke a few of the posted cave rules. We didn’t have helmets and we didn’t have three sources of light. As we wound back further into the cave, we realized we shouldn’t go any further without a big flashlight. For some reason, my LED light just wasn’t cutting it!

Once we set up camp for the night, it wasn’t too long before we were doing long exposures. The sky had been cloudy all day and blocked the full moon at night.

Cloud wings ©Maxwell S. Gersh

It almost looks like a set of wings coming up out of the tree line.

I woke up early-ish the next morning. It was at least early enough to see the morning fog.

Morning fog ©Maxwell S. Gersh

On the right, you can see the site of our campfire. Notice the demonic log that we tried to burn and it just wouldn’t. I guess it has seen it’s fair share of heat and flame.

tent in the wild ©Maxwell S. Gersh

Our tent was really dwarfed by the surrounding nature.

Our trip out in middle Missouri wouldn’t be complete without a little bit of political ingenuity. On our drive there, as we passed through a town with an abundance of McCain signs, I noticed a lone Obama sign. It was unique. It was painted on a wooden plank. I only had a quick passing glance.

On the way back home, we wanted to stop and take a picture of the sign. Once we found it, I pulled into the driveway, got my camera and got out of the car. As I am framing the image, Gavin yells to me, “That’s not an Obama sign! That’s an Obama Grave!”

Obama Grave ©Maxwell S. Gersh

So it was.

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