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Photographing buildings

Some assignments can sound that boring. I’ve been told to go out and photograph a building for a story. Too many times. Most architectural photographers will either use tilt-shift lenses on a 35mm camera or some sort of larger format of camera that can adjust the lens and film planes accordingly. This is because on a standard lens, the lines on a building appear to converge. This is known in the photographic world as keystoning or tombstoning. Proper usage of […]

Artificial multi-point lighting

If there was one valuable thing about photography that I learned in college, it was the science behind lighting.  Understanding the inverse square law and how multiple lights can affect an image proved to be invaluable to me. While I was at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, I had an editor give me the idea of shooting a food set with multi-point lighting. The basic multi-point setup includes three lights. One each to the left and right and one from behind. […]

Cell phones are everywhere

Cell phones are everywhere. Most people have one. Many people have more than one. It should come as no surprise to me for people to be using their phones in my pictures. As a society, we are now used to seeing citizens take out their phones to snap pictures at the passing by celebrity or even from the upper deck at a sporting event. National Geographic even published a book on how to optimize your cell phone photography. But is […]

Test shots from the Hasselblad 500 C/M

If you read my last post, you know that I was testing out a 1976 Hasselblad 500 C/M. The results are in. Not too shabby. This is looking more and more like it might be the next camera added to my collection. I shot one roll of 120 Kodak TMAX 100. The only problem was that I was running that through a Hasselblad A24 back , designed for 220 film. It seems like the first few frames didn’t wind fully […]

There is nothing like a Hasselblad

I shoot a ton of pictures on my Canon digital system. I have probably shot over one million frames in the last eight years. As much as I love digital photography, it is hard to beat the look of black and white film. The texture. The latitude. No instant results. It makes you appreciate the roots of photography as well as where technology has taken the medium. I haven’t shot 35mm film for a while. I have a cheapo Chinese […]