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Spot news

Some of my friends think my job is glamorous. I get access to many things the public doesn’t get to see other than through my pictures. Some of those things aren’t always easy to witness. I’ve seen fatal fires, hit-and-runs, homicides, devastating floods…the list goes on and on. This week I witnessed one of the worst car accident’s I’ve ever seen. I had just gotten off work. I was at home putting some food into a skillet to cook dinner. […]

A second stab at time-lapse

I’m pretty addicted already…AND I’VE ONLY JUST BEGUN! I decided to try more time-lapse today. Well, tonight. I attached my camera onto my car. I hooked up hard power via a power inverter to both my camera and my laptop. There were also steel safety cables just in case something went wrong. I wanted to shoot at two or three frames per second (fps) but my computer’s intervalometer only allowed me to shoot down to five fps. I started in […]