Kudos to Katie

Kaite, my girlfriend of nearly two years, is a great photographer. This is nothing terribly new. I have been amazed with her images as a new photographer since the very beginning. She seemed to nail every exposure and have unique compositions. She took this great picture as part of an assignment for her photo 1 class. It was on one of the first rolls of film that ever passed through her camera.

Katie's Windows

Well, she has impressed me again. I pressured her into taking a photojournalism class. I have always told her that I am happy to help but I will not come up with her ideas, do any of the hands on work, or tell her when the final product is right. That has been my rule since day one.

She was really worried about her photojournalism class. When it came to doing a multimedia project, she was worried that it would be too overwhelming. I reassured her that is was just another way of telling a story.

She found an international culture and faith festival in Illinois. She went with the intent of covering it as a multimedia project.

We both went to the festival. I kept telling her to gather more audio; shoot more pictures. She got really angry with me at points but I wanted her to have more content than she needed. You can always cut but you can’t add what is not there.

After a few hours of working through Premiere Pro, she came out with a nice piece.

So again, I send a kudos to Katie. You made a nice project! I told you that audio isn’t hard!

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