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My awards in news over the last few months

In the last few months, I’ve won multiple awards in news. It started in December. I entered the National Press Photographers Association’s monthly clip contest. Photographers enter their best work each month and compete against other shooters in the region. In St. Louis, I am in region 7 (R7). That includes all of Missouri, Kansas, Arkansas and Oklahoma. One of my images happened to beat out every other shooter in the region in December in the general news category. In […]

Bike Patrol

Katie had a portrait assignment for her color photography class. Of course you immediately try to think of interesting people. Maybe they have deep wrinkles. Possibly someone that wears extravagant clothing. Instead, Katie found a biker. Her model rides a Harley. It was only fitting to shoot it outside a local Harley dealership against their colored fence. With her trusty AE-1 and a few rolls of Kodak UltraColor, she got to work. You know me though. I had to shoot […]

Kudos to Katie

Kaite, my girlfriend of nearly two years, is a great photographer. This is nothing terribly new. I have been amazed with her images as a new photographer since the very beginning. She seemed to nail every exposure and have unique compositions. She took this great picture as part of an assignment for her photo 1 class. It was on one of the first rolls of film that ever passed through her camera. Well, she has impressed me again. I pressured […]