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Thanks for visiting the Gersh Photo Post (GPP). On this blog, I hope to share with you recent work, helpful tips and techniques and anything else that seems relevent.

My most recent project had me shooting from 2,000 feet. I took on the task of mounting a camera to a Cessna 172 Skyhawk. With a Bogen Superclamp attached to a small tripod head, I put a Canon 5D out of the wing strut and triggered it with pocket wizzards.

Strut mount for 5D

There was a lot of gaff tape to hold everything in place. It is easy for bolts to rattle loose with 130 mph winds blasting them but with the tape in place, there is no worry. I also had three steel saftey cables designed to hold theater lighting attached as an extra precaution.

Shot from the 5D
Canon EOS 5D 15mm ISO 200 1/400 sec @ f/10

This is when we were coming back for a landing and crossing over the Mississippi. That morning, it was about 25 degrees. The cold air over the warmer water made a swamp-like fog rising off the river.

I am happy to try to tackle any questions you have. Again, welcome to the GPP Blog and visit back soon.

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