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Football season

Football season kicked off a few weeks ago and I love it. Without question, football is my favorite mainstream sport to photograph. The action is intense. The sidelines are electric. A victory can be monumental. A loss can be heartbreaking. Right now, my longest glass is 200mm. That makes it a little tough to get all of the game action. With patience and years of practice, I’ve been able to snap a good frame or two. Here are a few […]

The Titan 500

What do you call a 50 lap race on Big Wheel tricycles? In Henry County, Indiana, they call it the Titan 500. Tri Elementary School in Straughn, Indiana hosts the event every year. Kids in fourth, fifth and sixth grade form teams to compete in the event. It may not be the most important race in Indiana but to these kids, wining secures a year’s worth of bragging rights. Once the wheels start spinning, it is mass chaos. Spectators are […]

Wide world of “sportraits”

The sports department has kept me busy recently. On top of regular feature stories here and there, the paper is running articles on the players of the year from each sport. I’ve shot so many sports portraits that I tried to coin the phrase “sportrait.” (Don’t forget my underwater portrait of the two swimmers or the group shot of wrestlers.) Unfortunately, it only takes a quick Google search to see that I was not the first to be so clever. […]