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Headshots in Tower Grove Park

Last month I had the opportunity to do some headshot work for Talent Plus, St. Louis’ leading talent agency. I worked with an actress named Sarah Price. Even though I was running a fever of almost 104, she made the shoot easy. Thank you Sarah for being a great subject.

30 Second Portraits – St. Louis Pride Fest 2009

I went to the St. Louis Pride Fest in Tower Grove Park earlier today with the express purpose of taking quick portraits of attendees. From the moment that I started photographing each subject, I tried to spend no more than 30 seconds taking pictures of them. This was partially as a courtesy to them but more as a drill for myself. I wanted to see if I could light quickly with my beauty dish to an acceptable level. If you […]

Portraits of Gavin Culbertson

Over the last week or so, I have found myself working closely with my good friend Gavin Culbertson. It started when I told him how much better I could make his Web site. You see, Gavin is a cinematographer. When you work in a visual field, the presentation of your portfolio is just as important as its contents. He had a really poorly designed i-Web Web site with great content. After working for a few hours over the course of […]