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The “Chris Lee button”

Let me start off by saying this is a techy and camera-specific post for shooters. Chris Lee is an excellent sports photographer for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. Apparently, he is also excellent at reading the owner’s manual to his Canon 1D. Many professional photographers shoot their camera in a full manual mode to ensure they have the most control of the exposure. This works great until the subject you’re tracking runs into a shadow and your settings are now three […]

Interior design of interior designers

I had never thought about how interior designers stylize their own home. I found out first hand back in January when I visited two designers in one day. My first stop was at the home of Edwin Massie. I had two primary objectives while at the homes of theses designers – capture the essence of their home design and make a portrait of them in their element. One of the bathrooms proved to be very difficult to photograph. The entire […]

My awards in news over the last few months

In the last few months, I’ve won multiple awards in news. It started in December. I entered the National Press Photographers Association’s monthly clip contest. Photographers enter their best work each month and compete against other shooters in the region. In St. Louis, I am in region 7 (R7). That includes all of Missouri, Kansas, Arkansas and Oklahoma. One of my images happened to beat out every other shooter in the region in December in the general news category. In […]

My pictures travel around the web

Every now and then, I like to Google search my name. I used to just look for rank placement of my website. I am proud to say that if you Google search “Max Gersh,” my website is the first to appear. Recently, I have followed the pages a bit deeper to see where my name and pictures are showing up. I have found my pictures being displayed on sites all over the web. I first noticed this after I took […]

Multimedia update

Since I’ve been working at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, I’ve had many opportunities to produce multimedia pieces. I have been required to do stills, video and audio slide shows at different points of my internship. I have even had the opportunity to raise the bar on my time-lapse skills. While all of this work has been made over the last four months or so, it was only available on the Post-Dispatch’s web site. I decided that I better post it […]