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Disc dogs

I have shot many sports in my relatively young career. But today, I was given the opportunity to photograph something completely new to me. Disc dogs – a competition where dogs catch Frisbees thrown by their owner. There are competitions in distance and accuracy as well as a freestyle event which is somewhat choreographed to music. I arrived at the event in time to photograph today’s expert freestyle competition. It was awesome and a little challenging to photograph. The dogs […]

Up in a biplane

Last week, I received an assignment to cover the Hagerstown Flying Circus – a showcase of airplanes and antique cars. I thought this sounded pretty cool as is. Then I was told there would be biplane rides available. I was sold. I had to get a ride in a biplane. Now I’m not a complete stranger to aerial photography. A few years ago, I mounted a remote camera on the outside of a Cessna. However, a biplane seems so much […]

An unnecessary self-portrait

Let’s just say I was bored the other night. I decided to shoot a self portrait. The idea was to capture an image of myself off the ground glass in my Hasselblad 500 C/M. I had done something similar when I was testing the Hasselblad. So, I began to setup. I sat the Hasselblad on the table and aimed it at my recliner. It was important to have both the focus of the Hasselblad and the capturing camera, my Canon […]

Headshots in Tower Grove Park

Last month I had the opportunity to do some headshot work for Talent Plus, St. Louis’ leading talent agency. I worked with an actress named Sarah Price. Even though I was running a fever of almost 104, she made the shoot easy. Thank you Sarah for being a great subject.

Interior design of interior designers

I had never thought about how interior designers stylize their own home. I found out first hand back in January when I visited two designers in one day. My first stop was at the home of Edwin Massie. I had two primary objectives while at the homes of theses designers – capture the essence of their home design and make a portrait of them in their element. One of the bathrooms proved to be very difficult to photograph. The entire […]