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New Castle skaters

For as small of a town as New Castle, Indiana is, we sure do have a lot of skateboarders. There has been a recent push to install a skate park at Baker Park, the park in the center of town. I went out looking for some skater kids to photograph for our story on the possible skate park. I went to Baker Park where they often congregate. Jackpot. After taking a few shots there, they headed north to skate in […]

May’s odds and ends

I was going through my May clips yesterday picking out my favorites for potential contest entry. Here are a few that stood out to me for one reason or another. I hate working around film crews. I can’t take pictures while they are recording. Their mics will pick up my camera shutter noise. When they aren’t filming, the scene is often times less interesting. I felt like this shot of a TV crew filming “Savor Indiana” turned out nice showing […]

The Titan 500

What do you call a 50 lap race on Big Wheel tricycles? In Henry County, Indiana, they call it the Titan 500. Tri Elementary School in Straughn, Indiana hosts the event every year. Kids in fourth, fifth and sixth grade form teams to compete in the event. It may not be the most important race in Indiana but to these kids, wining secures a year’s worth of bragging rights. Once the wheels start spinning, it is mass chaos. Spectators are […]

Every assignment has potential

Every photojournalist has gone through a period where they think they are too good for a story. They think nothing photogenic will happen or even if it does, it wont be a great moment. It only takes one good editor to set you straight. Luckily I learned early that a great picture can be made in unexpected situations. I do my best to take every assignment with a positive attitude and capture the peak moment. Here are a few recent […]

Try something different – change your angle

I try to practice what I preach. To improve almost any picture, try changing your angle. Generally speaking, interesting images are shot from an angle that we wouldn’t ordinarily view from. Over the last few days, I have had a few opportunities to try things differently. The first of those situations was a track and field meet. I find it easier to shoot the field events since I don’t have a super-telephoto lens. I made my way to the long […]