Podcast – Staying motivated in a sour economy

I decided to hop on board with Podcasting.

After setting up my recording area, I had to think of what I wanted to talk about. The only thing on my mind right now is looking for a job and staying motivated while doing so. Therefore, my first Podcast is about staying motivated even with the gloomy cloud over the journalism industry.


** Please keep in mind that this is my first Podcast so I might have some kinks to work out. Let me know if you discover any problems.

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  1. If Carl Sagan was still alive, I’d listen to his Podcast all day and night. But would I be satisfied not seeing his Sagan-smile? This “Podcasting” seems to be a good outlet for telling people about something you know a great deal about, something you’re passionate about. But, as a journalist, I bet you could write down all of that information in a shorter form! I’ll be a guest speaker… I read with Voice-Over talent these days, you know.

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