Maize maze and such

It’s that time of the year again. The leaves are changing. The pumpkins are…pumpking. And the corn is doing whatever it does.

In Sikeston, MO at Beggs Family Farm, they have what may be the best corn maze ever. Every year, they change the path in their maze. Their maze is nothing short of an artistic corn creation. This year, the maze was designed to look like a Ford Model T with the Ford logo. Previous years designs include a dinosaur, Alcatraz and an American Flag.

As you enter the maze, you descend down a stairwell into the corny abyss.

Sikeston Corn Maze Maxwell S. Gersh

After a miraculous finish in 40 minutes, we headed over to the corn air canon located right next to the maze.

Phillip shoots the corn canon Maxwell S. Gersh

Unfortunately, none of us were successful hitting the target. At least we all looked good trying.

Many of the areas were fenced in with roped flags. Sometimes they seemed slightly too high to hop over and slightly too low to duck under. Chris took a running start and made a flying leap over the fence.

Chris jumps over the fence Maxwell S. Gersh

Of course there are other interesting things going on at Beggs farm. Pig races. Weird spinning rooms that cause severe nausea and an immediate disorientation. I took pictures of those too. They will go up when I get a chance.

Beggs Family Farm Maxwell S. Gersh

Tomorrow (actually it is later today at this point), we are going to Lambert’s Cafe, home of the throwed rolls. That will be an exciting gourging of food. We are all looking forward to it!

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