A day shooting

I went out on a photo adventure day today with my friend John Yeast. After a bit of cruising around St. Louis with the police scanner on and finding nothing, we headed north-east towards Alton, IL.

Our plan once we got to Alton was to drive up the river road to Grafton. With the strong rain we had on Sunday, it seemed likely that Grafton would have some flooding.

Once we figured out a back way in to Grafton due to the river road being closed, we got some nice images.

This is my third flood this year. ENOUGH ALREADY!!!!

We wanted to shoot some sports today and the only local event we could find was a Meramec mens soccer game. This game had absolutely no action. Ok. Very little action. I hardly felt compelled to press my shutter button. There were a few nice moments.

The last shot isn’t too spectacular but I am including it because it was the only score during the entire game. That isn’t too unusual for soccer but it was the only thing close to a goal kick. I guess you could argue that this moment was the peak of the action.

While the day may not have yielded anything any photos that will land the cover of Sports Illustrated or the New York Times front page, I wasn’t left empty handed.

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