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Old film brings hopes for a new year

For me, film represents everything I love about photography. Don’t get me wrong. Digital sensors have completely revolutionized photography – especially photojournalism. But where would we be today without digital? Film photography is more that an art form. It is a science. It takes knowledge to be a professional. Today, anyone with a load of cash can buy the latest and greatest gear. There is no need to worry about messing up. If a picture turns out poorly, it can […]

Throwback Series pt. 2

Yes. It is two in the morning. The perfect time to continue the throwback series!! The summer after I graduated high school, I took a trip with five other recent graduates, a former teacher and his wife. We debated on where we wanted to go but we decided on Thailand, Myanmar and Laos. We were there for two weeks. This was my first time out of the country. Here I was, 17 years old and ignorant to the world. I […]