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Quiet! This is a library

When I got the assignment to go make some pictures at a library in a nearby town of patrons, workers and the building itself, I thought that it would be a quick in-and-out assignment. Boy was I wrong. When I got to the library in Pecatonica, Ill., the only people there were workers. I got to shooting right away, following around a reluctant employee. And then another reluctant employee. I was getting useable images. But if I settle for useable, […]

Every assignment has potential

Every photojournalist has gone through a period where they think they are too good for a story. They think nothing photogenic will happen or even if it does, it wont be a great moment. It only takes one good editor to set you straight. Luckily I learned early that a great picture can be made in unexpected situations. I do my best to take every assignment with a positive attitude and capture the peak moment. Here are a few recent […]