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More snowy owls

Yesterday, I posted some images of snowy owls that I had photographed over the past week or so. Apparently I can’t get enough. This afternoon, my girlfriend and I went back out to check out the owls again. Unfortunately, the light was lousy once again. That didn’t stop me from snapping a few frames. It seemed like there were many more people out spotting the owls since it was the weekend. There were also people baiting the owls again. My […]

Snowy owls in Northern Illinois

I’m not much of a wildlife photographer. I’ve never really had much of an opportunity to photograph majestic wildlife other than in a zoo. This year, I’ve had the opportunity to track and photograph a few birds. First was the bald eagle. It was awesome seeing a bird that holds such significance in our nation.¬†However, it was much more exciting to find and photograph the snowy owl. I went out searching for the owl a few weeks back, thinking the […]